Travel Programs to Speed Up Airport Processing

Traveling through airports — What program is best for you?

Visit government websites such as or to determine what can and cannot be taken on board your flight.

Global Entry designation is best used for those traveling internationally regularly to ease re-entry to the US. It costs $100 for 5 years and includes TSA pre-check which enables you to keep your shoes on, not have to take off your jacket or sweater, or take out your laptop. 

TSA Pre-Check is a $120 cost for 5 years, so is a great option for those who travel domestically frequently. In either instance, all travelers of your group need to have the same designation or you have to stand in the regular TSA lines for customs and immigration.

The latest is the CLEAR Program which is touchless processing through airports. $15 per month (or there could be a promo!). The latest shows $179 for 12 months.

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